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approved provider has long been an advocate of Canadian professional education related to seniors.  As we build the Seniors’ Service Provider Directory, we want to recognize those who have achieved qualifying education related to working with seniors, as well as to be able to offer access to these education programs to those professionals who would benefit from the knowledge inherent in these courses.
We congratulate and recognize the providers who have obtained a designation from an senior-focused program by adding this badge to their directory listing.  Below is the list of SCA qualifying education courses.  Visitors can learn more about what they offer professionals; and professionals coming to this page can identify the course (s) best suited to their profession and, can link to a registration/information page directly from our site.   All courses are delivered by the host and are subject to the terms and conditions identified upon registration. We encourage all professionals working with seniors to consider enrolling in a course specific to working with that cohort.

Course enrollment is for professional use

approved provider

Lifestyle55+ Service Provider Affiliate Training Program.  Formerly known as the Pivotal Accredited Senior Agent™ Program.

After more than a decade delivering the ASA™ program, Lifestyle 55+ Network, Inc. has advanced their education program to offer information and training to all service providers and professionals who work with older adults.  

Our experience has shown that professionals & service providers are often challenged to deliver a targeted message, offer a person-centred approach to clients, and clearly understand older adults and the factors that impact their decision making. As well, many businesses and professionals have difficulty locating senior-focused marketing and networking opportunities.

In addition to creating a networking forum, our education program provides live online instruction and supportive information - including multiple useful documents - to address the challenges inherent in working with seniors as they encounter various life events and transitions.  In order to be successful, professionals from all service sectors should have a general understanding of their older clients’ situations, and where their services fit within the tapestry of resources required, as a senior ages and has changing needs. History, insight, agendas, motivations, marketing ideas, and more, are offered in a live remote class delivered over 3, 3-hour sessions over 3 consecutive weeks.

This Canadian-based program is designed for any professional who works with seniors or wants to work with seniors. It is ideal for professionals in various fields of practice who work with older adults such as:  REALTORS®, Financial Services, Consulting Services, Home Care Providers, Downsizers, Movers, Legal Services, Executor Services, Care Planners, Retirement Home Staff, Estate Planners, PSWs, Accessibility Services, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, LTC Providers, and any other service or person who interacts with seniors and their families.

Lifestyle 55 + Network, Inc. wants this program to be as accessible as possible to those who work in the senior sector so that older Canadians can obtain person-centred service from all professionals they interact with; we are offering this program at an affordable rate with a low annual renewal fee to maintain affiliation with the program.

Delivery method: Live on-line training
Time commitment:

3 days (once per week for 3 hours each session)

Cost: $499 + HST  CAD.  Conditions apply
Class size: 25 ppl
Requires annual membership: YES         $125 + HST CAD.  Conditions apply

approved provider

The Age-Friendly Business® Academy confers the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation.
To earn this designation, individuals must demonstrate a solid understanding of the health, social, and financial aspects of aging.
The Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation Program offers: Outstanding Education, Respected Designation, and Comprehensive Marketing Plan in a Single Source Solution!

We've created the top training in the world to teach you how to grow your business by harnessing the power of the 50+ Market. We teach you how to talk with this market, how to care for them, and how your business can benefit by making Boomers and Seniors a larger part of your customer base.  Once you've successfully completed this training, you will have earned the right to use the CPCA designation to identify yourself to this market and to differentiate yourself from the competition. And we even take it one step further.  We provide you with all the marketing tools to attract this market and make it a larger part of your client portfolio. The CPCA® is Institute-accredited for 30 hours of continuing education.

To discover more about the program and registration please visit:      Enter registration code: SCA for a 25% discount

Delivery method:Self study, on-line
Time commitment:

30 hours +/-

Cost:$1165 + taxes – Conditions apply    SeniorCareAccess registrants receive a 25% discount
Class size:Individual
Requires annual membership:YES

approved provider

The Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors (CICEA) confers the Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) Designation.
The executor’s role has changed drastically, and many executors find themselves challenged in navigating the complexities.  Drawing from the experience of over 17 potential professionals through literacy and awareness enhancement for the betterment and protection of estate executors and beneficiaries.  CEA candidates are offered a comprehensive course using a purpose-built education platform for the optimal online learning experience.  The course is designed to provide applicants with broad, practical knowledge in all of the 17 disciplines required to advise an executor / executrix.  This knowledge empowers you to engage with executors; the most trusted and influential people in their testator parents’ lives and those with vested moral and legal responsibility for successful estate settlement. The program includes numerous charts, graphs and images to help convey the information, with an alphabetized glossary for quick reference of over a thousand technical terms and acronyms.  In addition, the program has full highlighting, online note-taking and program search functionality. The CEA Program is Institute-accredited for 30 hours of continuing education.

To discover more about the program and registration please visit:     SCA registrants receive $200 off!

Delivery method: Self study – on-line
Time commitment:Must be a member in good standing to complete (first year membership is included in tuition)
Cost:$1495 + taxes – Conditions apply.  Registering through SeniorCareAccess qualifies for a discount of $200 plus applicable taxes
Class size: Individual
Requires annual membership:YES

approved provider

Dr. Amy D’Aprix confers the Trusted Advisor of Choice Program by Life Transitions.
In today’s financial services environment, professionals face ever-increasing competition. Clients expect competitive returns, low fees and are now demanding someone who truly understands their unique situation and needs throughout their entire financial journey. 

The Trusted Advisor of Choice program is a game changer for your career. You’ll discover how to forge deeper, more authentic relationships that will keep you top-of-mind. Packed full of insights, this practice elevation program gives you an edge – the human edge. You’ll hear from Dr. Amy, who shares her expertise in connecting clients’ non-financial issues to their financial planning. Her proven methods and tools help take clients' trust to an exciting new level.

Your clients experience Life Transitions throughout their lives – some they see coming and others they don’t. Either way, each transition has practical, emotional, family, and financial implications.  Your expertise covers the financial aspects, and we teach you to go where your clients are. So, you have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to connect the non-financial and the financial. 

Your subscription offers a year’s access to 12 online modules, including: bite-sized video lessons • Conversation guides • Client engagement tools •  Real-world case studies • Live coaching sessions • Embedding exercises • Turn-key client presentations, supported by group coaching sessions. The Trusted Advisor of Choice Program is accredited for continuing education credits.  Visit the site for details.

To discover more about the program and registration please visit:      Enter registration code: SCA

Delivery method:Self study, on-line, plus group coaching calls
Time commitment:36-50 hours over 6-12 months, depending on your pace.
Cost:$375/month + taxes – conditions apply  or $3,995/annual + taxes
Class size:Individual with group coaching sessions
Requires annual membership:YES

approved provider

Age Safe Canada: Senior Home Safety Specialist™

Are you a professional, working in seniors housing, looking for a differentiator, or continuing education hours, or maybe you're considering offering Home Safety Assessments as an additional revenue stream?  

The Senior Home Safety Specialist™  certification empowers professionals with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, fire safety, home modifications, mobility and accessibility issues, considerations for Dementia care, communication skills, technology, financial exploitation, personal safety and performing a 240-point home safety audit.

This comprehensive,16-module self-paced course offers the only certificate of its kind to individuals within the senior services industry. 

The curriculum has been developed with Canadian professionals including Occupational Therapists to ensure a valuable professional development experience  

To discover more about the program and registration please visit:        

Enter registration code: SCA2021 for $100 Discount

Delivery method:Self study, on-line
Time commitment:5 hours over 60 days depending on your pace.
Cost:$379/one time fee less discount
Class size: Individual
Requires annual membership:YES
Website: DISCLAIMER:  Each education provider is solely responsible for the material and content they offer.  Prices subject to change. may or may not receive a referral fee for registrants via this portal.  This education listing represents what has deemed to be qualifying Canadian programs that offer a benefit to clients of the respective course membership. or its parent company, Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc., does not make any claim to the programs efficacy with respect to a service providers’ ability or level of service. 
The education listings are designed to bring awareness of professional education within industries related to seniors, as well as to bring awareness to professionals who may not otherwise be aware of such opportunities. 
Consumers are always advised to seek independent professional advice prior to engaging any product, service or claim. 
This information is offered as a benefit to any user of this website.