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Through the creation of Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc., and its website SeniorCareAccess.com, the principals have combined years of experience working and networking in the senior marketplace. SeniorCareAccess.com is a unique, first-of-its-kind, online portal offering older Canadian adults, their families and industry professionals, a one-stop-shop for transitioning lifestyles. Through its varied and diverse platforms, SeniorCareAccess.com (SCA) offers resource solutions through 3 distinct entry points.

1. Seniors’ Housing Database
SeniorCareAccess.com delivers a unique user experience by offering 2 distinct platforms of comprehensive senior housing solutions. Membership access offers unbiased data to over 5,500 senior housing options across Canada. The sponsored platform provides free-access to the retirement community directory. 

2. SCA Seniors’ Consulting 
SCA Seniors’ Consulting is a person-centred consulting program providing seniors and their families with guidance and assistance in identifying and managing resources. This is the starting point for many families who are in needs of having their initial questions answered, ‘What do we do now?’ and ‘Who can help us?’

3. Seniors’ Resource Directory
For visitors who require the assistance of professional services, our Seniors’ Resource Directory is designed for direct interaction of senior service providers, interested professionals and consumers.  These seniors’ resource  providers have proven to be senior-friendly, senior-trained or senior-focused.  Simply search and contact (no membership fee required!).

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There are 3 ways to put SeniorCareAccess.com to work for you!

Seniors’ Housing Database

Access to the database is offered through two distinct platforms:
  1. Paid membership with access to unbiased data for all levels of care and housing options
  2. Free access to the sponsored retirement community directory

Both platforms are available to all users.

SCA Seniors’ Consulting

Understanding that families are challenged in discovering and navigating solutions for older adults in transition, this service offers you a professional consultant to discover your needs and assist you in achieving your goals.

FREE Access to Seniors’ Resource Directory

We understand that it is hard to identify companies, organizations and services related to aging.  Here we have brought top solutions to the many areas of service required by a senior or family member. Users can search by province, city and category.